Designing The Perfect Website

Just like the products, websites need to be easy to use and look attractive. So by the time your website is prepared, it is necessary to get it tested by the real people.


Major Websites are being tested through wireframe, which is a simple prototype of a webpage showing the basic layout of the website without the colors and images. But is more important to aks the right questions before you start on webdesign.

Through testing done before the site being launched, one can easily identify the usability problems in the website design and can correct them in time. Once the sketching of the ideas has been done and decided which one you want to try, you are full-fledged ready for designing program.


hotoshop is the basic designing program which many website designers use to create graphics for their websites. After the designing part has been completed, then you can start up with the CSS, HTML or PHP.

The major advantage of designing a website is that you can get the web layout designed same as you want it. The designing can be done in Photoshop, the designer usually creates two to three layouts and then show them to the owner of the website, who chooses one out of them and then the designs starts working on the coding part.

Get Feedback

If you are making the website for yourself then you may consult it with your friend or any family member regarding the web design. Or you can find out website templates and make necessary changes to make it into your website. It is easy to make necessary changes in Photoshop rather than in HTML. Thus with the help of web designing software, you can change and finalize the look and feel of the website design.

You can show the layout of your website to the potential customers to get feedback from them and leave the rest to be done at the end of the project. With the help of the feedback received from the viewers, you can enhance your web design so that it helps the website owner to meet the goals.

Coding the website

The coding of the website has to be done through HTML, which is a simple computer language made up of tags. Tags are the simple way to add extra information to the text which is basically seen by the search engines while ranking the website. The days are gone when pages were created to just share the latest and updated information about a specific topic but in a modern website, you would probably want it to look attractive.

I have to to be honest and tell you that I copied this article from a 2010 publication to show that not much havs changed since then when it comes to web design.


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