Finding Subjects To Write About

One of the questions I get is where I find the subjects to write about and how I know if it is the right subject.

breaking newsThere is a very simple answer to the second part of the question and that is this.
If a subject interest me it is worth writing about.
With billions of people on this planet I can not imagine that I would be the only one interested in it.
And even if there are only a few people interested in the subject I still will write about it because I am interested in it.

Now for the first part of the question and where I find the subjects to write about I have a kind of system.
Maybe it is not a system because I am not that organized but it works for me at this moment and maybe it will one day become a real system.

On my morning commute to work I most of the time listen to a couple of news stations on my car radio.
They talk about many things and sometimes there is a subject that sparks my curiosity and I start thinking about what I think about that specific subject and if I could find a enough thoughts to write about it.
I have a rough idea that an article should not be to short but also not to long.
I think without counting them I use between 300 and 100 words depending on the subject and the feedback from readers. (if any)

After I have found a subject and get home after work I might just get on the computer and Google the subject and see what pops up on my screen.
If there is a lot to read I setup a Google alert in my email box and in this way I get new ideas on a daily basis.

google alert

Just go to Google and type in Google alert This will show you how easy it is to set this up.

You can always cancel the alert after you are done writing, but most of the time I keep it for a while to see if I have to update the article or ad a different opinion.

One of the sites I use to find some controversial new is the Huffington post and then I sometime go to Wikepedia to find more in depth information about it if I think I need more

If you have any ideas how to find subjects or how you do it or even want to mention you favorite news channel let me know and I might be able to use that a next time.

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