Headphones For Binaural Beats

I Have been reading about Binaural beats lately and have been trying to use them to stay more focused while working.

Types of work decides the type of binaural beats headphones

My work consist of a lot of reading and typing on a keyboard. this can become very hard to do after a while and I thought I would give the binaural beats a change to help me stay focused.

What I did first was finding a pair of headphones for binaural beats and more information on that subject.

The problem in my opinion is that everyone is different and to find the perfect headphones is like the needle in the haystack.
The situation you are in while listening to binaural beats also have an impact on the kind of headphones.

If you work in a quit office or in the comfort of your own house you can use a cheaper version headphones or even get away with some cheap earbuds that come with a walk-man or the ones you use on your phone.

If your work or use the headphones in a noisy situation or a loud office with a lot of people on the phones and or printers and copiers running there is a need for a better quality headphones.

The ones I would use in a situation like that would have the noise canceling option and would have to cover my whole ears.

Headphones for binaural beats and sleeping

There are many people who would like to use binaural beats for sleeping and lucid dreaming. This requires a total different kind of headphone in my opinion. the question is even if you can do this. The best position to sleep in is on your back if you would like to use binaural beats for sleeping. However a lot of people sleep on their side and here is where the problem starts.
On your side the headphone will be not to comfortable to wear. This means that I think that a pair of the earbuds of a good quality might be the solution for using binaural beats while being a side sleeper.

Head set for binaural beats

Bluetooth for sleeping and headphones

Bluetooth might be the best solution for sleeping and using binaural beats for sleeping and lucid dreaming.
If you are not comfortable with wearing headphones in bed there is always the option of using Isochronic tones but this is a different part of brainwave entrainment and has also a few thing to think about.

A friend of mine uses Isochronic tones for sleeping. The advantage is that you do not have to use headphones. You can play them on a cheap cd player or even on your phone while falling asleep.

the problem could be your partners that also has to listen at that time. The use of headphones for isochronic tones is than of-course the best options but brings us back to our original problem of sleeping with headphones on your head.

Blue tooth headphones

My conclusion

The use of headphones for Binaural beats while sleeping is not easy, but a pair of earbuds with a neck band that does not irritate might be the best solution. I think you do not have to use them all night and once you are asleep and on your delat deep sleep mode you will stay there even with no binaural beats anymore.

Let me know of your experience and all together try to find a way to find headphones for binaural beats while sleeping.

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