Major Components in a Beer Brewing Kit

If you enjoy beer and are the type that likes to create your own product, I want to believe that you’ve contemplated on brewing your own beer at some point.

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The beer brewing process may seem like a complicated one, and that has probably deterred you from already doing it. The fact that you also have to acquire expensive equipment such as the home beer brewing kit and learn the methods used does not make it any easier.

Nonetheless, brewing your own beer is doable, and if you set yourself to do it, and acquire the right equipment like one of the best beer brewing kit for beginners, you will be a master of the art in no time.

I have written about my hobby of making beer and wine at home here and have some more to add to it.

How long will it take to brew beer?

It can take you quite some time before you can make something drinkable. If you already have a busy schedule, then learning how to brew beer can take even longer.

However, I would like to affirm the fact that there is no specific time frame that one can take to become good at brewing beer.

Once you are familiar with the entire brewing process, it can take up to a whole month for your beer to be ready for drinking. Preparing the required ingredients is the easy part and may only take a few hours; the fermentation has to take place in your home beer brewing kit for about two weeks.

It is important to note that the time taken to ferment can be longer depending on the type of beer you want to make. After the beer-to-be has fully fermented, you will have to give it an additional two weeks for bottle conditioning.

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It is important to note that the home beer brewing kit is essential if you want to make good beer. So, what will you find in a beer brewing kit? I have discussed the major ingredients common in most kits.


The hops are essential for adding bitterness to your beer and determine the flavor. We have bittering hops and aroma hops.

The bittering hops are used at the beginning of the boiling process, while the aroma hops are used towards the end of the boiling process to add your desired flavor.


Yeats is vital in the beer brewing process as it converts the sugars in the malt into alcohol. Every home beer brewing kit has to come with yeast, and the yeast can also be in dry or liquid form.


I know you may assume this ingredient to be so obvious. But it is a crucial ingredient in the beer brewing process.

Only filtered water is found in home beer brewing kits because it helps to remove magnesium that helps with the fermentation process.

Malt Extract

A home beer brewing kit has a malt extract which can either be in a dry, or syrupy liquid state. The extract is obtained from grains through malting and contains sugars.

It is important to note that you cannot just interchange dry malt and liquid malt when making beer. If the process calls for dry malt, strictly use dry malt.

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More about making beer at home

I know that this is just a short and compressed way to describe making beer at home and there is a lot more to it and you can read it on my friend’s website he is the expert.