I broke my finger

I know that you probably are not to interested in this fact, but since this is my blog I can publish what ever I want.

No, the real reason is that I found out how much you do with your hands and not even realize that your fingers are very important in life.

I was in the gym and helping out a friend with bench pressing when I by accident almost had my finger between the bars of the weights and the bracket to place them on.

I pulled my hand back very fast and unfortunately I hit the wall with it and that is how I broke my index finger on my right hand.

Reason I mention my right hand is the fact that I am right handed and this makes a big difference of course. If I was left handed it would not affect my life so intensly.

Besides that it bothers me in work as a web designer and it is hard for me to type and have to use mostly talk to text software now. That I hate by the way.

I also love to cook and do that about every day. one thing I found that it is very hard to open jars and cans with one hand. And, to be honest, I use a lot of jars since I am a little scared of all the stuff they put in cans.

This was the reason for me to find some sort of device to help me open jars. To be honest I was surprised at first where I found the most helpful tips on what to use for this.

I started on Google just like anyone else would do and where I found the most valuable information about this was on this website for senior citizen.

The had a full page on this subject and it didn’t take me long to find what they called the best jar opener tool and I decided this is what I needed.

It was just a surprise for me that it was on a site for elderly and I am still very young. But it is true it works flaweless.

This made me realize that even when you are young it does not mean that things can happen to you that makes you realize that age is just relative and a number.

I have a different look at my parents and grand parents now. I realize that a lot of the things you take for granded you better appreciate because you never know what can happen the next minute.


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