Non Lethal Self Defense

Non Lethal self defense is and will always be a hot discussion subjects and everyone has his or her own opinion about this topic.
In this article I express my opinion and try to explain why I think this way.

I think that basically no one wants to kill an other person or even animal, unless her or his life or of a loved one is in danger.
One of the most advised self defense product is still a gun.
The type of gun varies from site to site and can be a handgun or a shotgun for short range.

I have nothing against guns and am a supporter of the freedom to carry or own a gun and have several myself.

There are however many situations that the use of a gun is a little to much in relation to the situation.
I realize that with saying this I probably will get a lot of comments of people who disagree with this, but this is my personal opinion and you don’t have to agree.

I am not going to write about the several self defense classes and all their options because I think that does depend on your physical fitness and that is something I have not.
This made me have a look at the alternative in the form of non lethal self defense weapons.

After reading a ton of related articles and advise that sometimes was great and sometime worthless i cam e to the conclusion that for me there are 2 options that fit my life and lifestyle the best.

I found a great product for in my car and is called a stun gun flashlight with LED lights, that is rechargeable in my car and in the house in with the two available charger and I can even charge it on my computer
I bought the stun gun with a high voltage because, according to my little research, this gives a better and deeper penetrating power on your Attacker.

The second one was to buy myself a keychain pepper spray or 2. One small one that you can hide and a larger one I have hanging on the mirror of my car.

The second one was a stun gun. What I was looking for was something that did not look like just a stun-gun but like something else.

I have to say that I feel a a lot safer now, but still hope I never have to use either one of the non lethal self defense weapons in my arsenal. Just like I hope that I never have to use my hand or shot gun.

The store where I bought my non lethal self defense product is not ready yeat and you can find it online soon.
They have some great products at very affordable prices and I think I will be a returning costumer. I am planning to buy some of them products for my kids and other relatives for their protection with a non lethal self defense item. After using them I realize this a store where you can buy online with no problems.
They have a secure site with that SSL in it and the green padlock at the top.

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